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three red crabs laying in ice

Photo by Jason Houston

Many of our fishermen sell their seafood directly to the public through Community Supported Fishery (CSF) programs, which connect eaters directly to their local fishermen. Sign up for a share and receive the freshest, most responsibly caught and cared for fish your region has to offer. Forge a relationship with a fisherman near you, and help steward the bounty of the ocean for generations to come.

black and white logo of fishermen holding fishEvery month, shareholders with Alaskans Own enjoy a basketful of fresh, blast-frozen, premium seafood provided by the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association. Depending on the season, shares may include halibut, rockfish, lingcod, King salmon, Coho, or sablefish. Profits go toward scientific research and conservation initiatives that focus on ensuring the continued health and success of Gulf Alaska fisheries. Conveniently, you don't have to live in Alaska to sign up for this CSF — Alaskans Own provides free shipping.

blue logo states "supporting conservation of wild fisheriesKnowing who caught your fish and how it was caught is critical to being a conscious consumer of seafood, even in Alaska. Through this Community Supported Fishery, local Alaskan fishermen deliver premium jig-caught Pacific cod, black rockfish, and Dusky rockfish directly to consumers living in Anchorage, Homer, and Fairbanks. Catch of the Season members support fishermen who are committed to minimal environmental impact. This CSF is a project of Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

black and yellow logo for community supported fishery showing fishLocated on the middle coast of Maine, Port Clyde Fresh Catch is a cooperative of fishermen that deliver fresh, local seafood directly to consumers and wholesale buyers alike through their unique Fish Drop, where offerings are updated weekly and there is no upfront cost. Community Supported Fishery members place their orders for a variety of species — fresh or frozen — and can pick up their order in one of nine locations in Maine.

Western Oregon
blue and green logo with two swimming fishThrough their Community Supported Fishery, Port Orford Sustainable Seafood delivers wild, line-caught seafood from Port Orford to members located throughout western Oregon, from Ashland to Portland. Through a monthly share model, subscribers support small, family-owned fishing vessels. Depending on the season, species offered include Chinook salmon, Pacific halibut, lingcod, Albacore tuna, Dungeness crab, sablefish, and clams.

Greater San Francisco
Black and gray logo with boat and fish on water dropSeafood should be fresh, delicious, varied, and a celebration of seasons and local bounty. This is what members of the Real Good Fish Community Supported Fishery enjoy. Funds generated by the CSF allow fishermen to continue exploring and using sustainable methods and gear types to pass on a vibrant ocean ecosystem to the fishermen of the future. Fish deliveries are made to shareholders from Marin County to Monterey.