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Fisheries Knowledge Exchange Webinar Series

Learn more about conversations hosted by Local Catch on a variety of topics relevant to community fisheries across the nation.

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“Boat-to-School” Programs Source Fresh Seafood for Students

New programs in three states support local seafood markets while educating children By Ann Guth November 7, 2016 | CivilEats A few years ago, Alan Lovewell had a vision. He wanted to replace the bland, deep-fried anonymous “fish” served in school cafeterias with flavorful, locally caught seafood—as a way to bring nutrition to the kids in his area, and help them understand where their food comes from. Lovewell had created a community supported fishery (CSF) subscription service called Real Good Fish, which provides local seafood direct to consumers, in much ...

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Fishermen in the Schools for Real Good Fish’s Bay2Tray Program

Real Good Fish is working to bring species that don’t have much of a market to school lunches, and we are creating an educational component to go along with it. For high school students, it will include curriculum for classes in food systems, marine biology, and fisheries, all of which will follow Next Generation Science Standards. For elementary schools, we want to cultivate awe and interest in the ocean for students.

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