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A new bill in California allows fishermen to form markets for the daily catch. CFN Member Pete Halmay of the San Diego Fishermen's Working Group talks about their experience participating in the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market.

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As all Alaskans know, the foundation of our sustainable fisheries is habitat. Alaska’s position as a world leader in fisheries sustainability and top producer of wild seafood is a clear result of the fact that we have the most intact, continuous and unaltered freshwater and marine habitat in the world. However, protecting that habitat demands constant vigilance. If today’s leaders and policymakers don’t continue the tradition, that leadership position will be lost.

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Port Clyde fishermen create cooperative to survive the harder times at sea.

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Nova Scotia's Ecology Action Centre works to raise the profile of small-scale fisheries by telling the stories of the fishermen and their communities.

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Earth Island Journal's arcticle on the San Francisco Community Fishing Association looks at small-boat fisheries through an environmental lens.

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