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CFN Regional Updates – December 2017

Group of people stand together for a photo near a salmon mural
Updates from across the network including teaching kids of fish in San Diego, award-winning Network members, and support for Alaska's young fishermen.

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Fisheries Knowledge Exchange Webinar Series

Learn more about conversations hosted by Local Catch on a variety of topics relevant to community fisheries across the nation.

Read More

CFN Regional Updates – July 2017

Updates from across the network include new movement to help young fishermen, new support for boat to school, job transitions and more.

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CFN Regional Updates – April 2017

fishermen next to rigging on a boat at sunset.
From keeping an eye on the scallop fishery to helping research shrimp stocks on the East coast to Alaskan fishermen advocating for the next generation in Washington, D.C., our members have been busy.

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United We Fish!

Fisherman stands on weathered boat with thousands of red shrimp on deck at his feet
Small-scale fishermen - like those of Port Clyde Fresh Catch - join forces to create new niche markets for their sustainably harvested product through community supported fisheries

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High costs discourage young Alaskans from commercial fishing

black salmon net with white buoys
A report by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council uncovers the challenges faced by Alaska's young fishermen.

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You Should Be Eating More Amazing Oregon Fish

More than 80 percent of Oregon-caught fish is shipped out of state or overseas. Port Orford Sustainable Seafood is looking to build local markets to keep more of the local catch in local kitchens.

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CFN Regional Updates for April 2016

Starting in February 2016 and continuing every other month, we will be collecting and sharing updates from all of our Network members. The following is a suite of regional updates from April 2016.

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How Alaska’s smaller boats compete with vast trawlers

Alaskan halibut fishermen face limited access to resource as consolidated quotas and out-of-state permit holders tie up more of the state's catch. Meanwhile, factory trawlers are dumping millions of pounds of dead halibut overboard as by-catch.

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Community-Supported Fisheries: A better way to buy fish?

Carl Safina explores the growing adoption of community supported fisheries nationwide. Featuring our partners at Local Catch!

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