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A new bill in California allows fishermen to form markets for the daily catch. CFN Member Pete Halmay of the San Diego Fishermen's Working Group talks about their experience participating in the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market.

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A national program that partners with federal, state and local organizations and agencies to provide increased opportunities for the next generation of commercial fishermen, similar to what our friends in the agriculture community have access to, could be a groundbreaking step in protecting the stability of our coastal fishing communities and our seafood supply chain.

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The pile of fish marks an important step toward a fundamentally different way that prominent chefs are beginning to source American seafood: the restaurant-supported fishery. Call it an evolutionary leap from community-supported-agriculture programs, which support local farmers, and community-supported fisheries, which support small-scale fishermen. Both models rely on members who share the risks of food production by pre-buying weekly subscriptions.

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Every year in June, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation recognizes our nation's Ocean Heroes at its annual Leadership Awards Dinner. At the dinner, the NMSF presents its Leadership Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and the NMSF Volunteer of the Year Award. uests of this black-tie optional, annual dinner include Members and staff of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives; Administration officials; ocean luminaries, scientists, and academics in marine conservation; and representatives from conservation organizations and ocean-related industries. Port ...

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National Community Fisheries Network launches, promoting healthy fishing communities, well-managed seafood stocks, and “community-caught” seafood brands

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