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The Community Fisheries Network brings together people who work on and off the water to share information about the challenges faced by fishing communities. The network includes organizations and individual fishermen from Alaska, Oregon, California, Maine, and Massachusetts. Learn more about our members here.

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A community organization in Kodiak, Alaska working to secure and maintain open access for Alaskan jig fisheries.
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In Sitka, Alaska, this nonprofit association of independent commercial longline vessel owners and crewmembers are committed to continuing the sustainable harvest.
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Utilizing science, education, research, and advocacy in support of marine and fisheries conservation in Anchorage, Alaska.
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A commercial fisherman based out of Port Townsend, Washington who also works in commercial fisheries outreach and sustainable seafood consulting.
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A Massachusetts nonprofit developing and implementing creative solutions that promote healthy marine ecosystems, strong fishing businesses, and thriving coastal communities.
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A nonprofit community fishery serving 50 fishing communities from the islands of Penobscot Bay to the Canadian border, the most fishery-dependent counties on the U.S. East Coast.
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A fishermen's association working to enhance the ecological and financial sustainability of the fishery through balancing the needs of the current generation of fishermen with the long-term environmental restoration of the Gulf of Maine
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A California nonprofit working to ensure a financially stable and environmentally sustainable fishery built on local stewardship, while committing to meet a triple bottom line of environmental, economic, and social benefits.
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A community fishery that restarted much needed seafood processing infrastructure in the fishing village of Port Clyde, Maine.
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An Oregon-based nonprofit helping to promote smarter, more ecological fishing, while sustaining an economic base for the community of Port Orford.
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A community-supported fishery based in Moss Landing California that connects local fishermen with local consumers with weekly deliveries of high-quality, local, sustainable seafood.
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A nonprofit organization comprised of fishermen from the ports of San Diego representing five major fishing gear types and many different cultural backgrounds.
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The SFCFA is a community fishing association on the West Coast whose members are the fishermen whose family-owned boats call San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf home. They are constantly involved in working to protect fisheries to keep them sustainable