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  • photo taken from a fishing boat toward sea

This story and photo were originally published at WMTW.com in Portland, Maine.

PORT CLYDE, Maine — With seasons canceled and catch quotas reduced, Maine fishermen are adapting to harder times at sea.

There are 5,300 miles of coastline in Maine, with a handful of groundfishing ports.

Port Clyde is the eastern most groundfishing port in the country. It is a tiny village steeped in fishing tradition where generations of fishermen have made a living from the ocean.

Now, only a few remain and they are doing everything to save their livelihoods.

Justin Libby, 35, is a third-generation fisherman. While his boat is equipped for deep-sea fishing, quota restrictions have made it not worth going out.

"This boat was built to go ground fishing, and I haven't even gone in three years. Now, I've been scalloping," said Libby.

The weather also poses a challenge to fishermen. Because of the harsh winter, Libby was not able to go out to fish for two months.

"Nobody was out of their house because, they probably couldn't get out, and nobody was going out fishing," Glen Libby, of the Port Clyde Fresh Catch Cooperative, said.

Glen Libby, Justin's dad, used to be a fisherman, but works for a cooperative formed by local fishermen who are processing and selling their catch directly to friends and neighbors, cutting out the middleman.

"We started doing crabs as a, 'OK, what are we going to do now, because the fish season was winding down?' Over the last couple years, we've used it for fill-in to pretty much take up the slack from no shrimp, and it's become the biggest part of our business," said Glen Libby.