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Alaskan halibut fishermen face limited access to resource as consolidated quotas and out-of-state permit holders tie up more of the state's catch. Meanwhile, factory trawlers are dumping millions of pounds of dead halibut overboard as by-catch.

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Carl Safina explores the growing adoption of community supported fisheries nationwide. Featuring our partners at Local Catch!

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Starting in February and continuing every other month, we will be collecting and sharing updates from all of our Network members. The beginning of 2016 has been an especially busy time, and we have many updates to share!

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A new bill in California allows fishermen to form markets for the daily catch. CFN Member Pete Halmay of the San Diego Fishermen's Working Group talks about their experience participating in the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market.

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A national program that partners with federal, state and local organizations and agencies to provide increased opportunities for the next generation of commercial fishermen, similar to what our friends in the agriculture community have access to, could be a groundbreaking step in protecting the stability of our coastal fishing communities and our seafood supply chain.

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Fishermen and fishing organizations from around the nation come together to share a vision of healthy fishing communities and a healthy ocean.

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The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association (ALFA) has received a $4,500 grant to expand Alaskans Own, a community-supported fishery program. The grant comes from Northwest Farm Credit Services, which awards grants to rural communities three times a year.

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As all Alaskans know, the foundation of our sustainable fisheries is habitat. Alaska’s position as a world leader in fisheries sustainability and top producer of wild seafood is a clear result of the fact that we have the most intact, continuous and unaltered freshwater and marine habitat in the world. However, protecting that habitat demands constant vigilance. If today’s leaders and policymakers don’t continue the tradition, that leadership position will be lost.

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In many parts of the world, people take boats to go whale watching. In places like the Gulf of Alaska, it can work the other way. There, sperm whales often go “boat watching” and follow fishermen. The clever mammals have learned to snatch black cod off longlines before crews can haul their catch of fish out of water. To stop these “lunch line” raids, a group of commercial fishers teamed up with scientists to find ways to keep their catch. They described how to distract whales, without harm, this week. Their tool: Noise.

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In Maine, several organizations are looking into similar approaches to emphasize gear type and quality in the marketplace, including Port Clyde Fresh Catch’s ongoing community supported fishery. Through these methods, fishermen hope they can turn some of the emphasis away from how many fish they catch, to how they are caught.

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