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Nova Scotia's Ecology Action Centre works to raise the profile of small-scale fisheries by telling the stories of the fishermen and their communities.

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Earth Island Journal's arcticle on the San Francisco Community Fishing Association looks at small-boat fisheries through an environmental lens.

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The markets for spiny lobster have been relatively calm in recent months, although steady increases in Chinese demand for spiny lobster has increased the prices for most sizes. U.S. exports of spiny lobster to China and Hong Kong (where most of the imports are subsequently smuggled to the Mainland) rose a modest 8% through the end of August to 522 metric tons, which represents about a third of all the spiny lobster landed by U.S. fishermen. Exports of live lobster to China and Hong Kong actually declined, while exports of frozen whole lobster jumped another 30%, surpassing ...

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Hi everyone, Last week NAMA was up in Halifax to discuss the 'seafood value chain' at a workshop hosted by the Ecology Action Center. Beforehand I reached out to many of our FLC members to gather stories about how we're collectively working to improve our seafood value chain and shift policy. Our stories were so well received I wanted to share back a few of my impressions... Canada overall has a seafood chain that has been stripped of its value when it comes to local economies, price passed onto fishermen, and food access. Most wild seafood that is caught is shipped ...

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Fishing is one of my favorite photographic subjects and the fisheries issue has become a primary focus in my conservation photography work. There are few fisheries more iconic than those operating out of San Francisco.

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It’s so big that it can be seen from space — 11,684 miles of shimmering shoreline, equaling the distance of the entire West Coast, from Mexico to Canada. But in this boiling-hot summer, good luck trying to get your boat or your body into the refreshing waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Only 2 percent of the bay has public access points for kayaks, canoes, fishing, bathing and other recreation. And some of those places are so packed with visitors on sunny weekends that motorists are forced to drive away or wait until someone leaves. The development of farmland and ...

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The establishment of a new artisanal commercial fishery in Alaska could improve food security for the state, according to authors of a newly published article in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. “Currently, we manage all commercial fisheries as industrial fisheries, keeping the cost of entry high in order to prevent overfishing,” said Philip Loring, a researcher at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. “But if we carve out a small portion of these fisheries and regulate them differently, lower the cost of entry for small-scale ...

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AKIAK, Alaska — The humble pollock, great cash fish of the north, conquered the world through the flaky bland hegemony of a fish stick. At more than $1 billion a year, there is no bigger fishery for human consumption on the planet. But pollock was also meant to be a savior, part of a Washington-backed antipoverty plan aimed at residents here on Alaska’s mostly undeveloped west coast. A generation ago, organizers envisioned federally guaranteed shares of the pollock catch that would create a rising tide of funds to lift up poor, isolated villages where jobs and hope ...

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A San Francisco-based fisherman’s cooperative that has been fighting for better wages and more sustainable fishing practices is now gunning for a retail shop to sell fresh, off-the-boat fish in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf. It has a space, a plan and some support — now it just needs the funding. “There’s a huge amount of fish that moves over the docks in San Francisco, but no one sees it,” said crab fisherman Larry Collins, president of the San Francisco Community Fishing Association, a group that was formed three years ago to put more money into the ...

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“We’re really establishing fair trade on the docks of San Francisco,” says Larry Collins, the president of the SFCFA. “Fishermen benefit when they own their product further up the distribution chain. We want to make sure independent fishermen can make a living; we want to grow infrastructure to make sure they can freely get product to market; and we want to ensure that the state and industry are taking care of fish stocks for the long term.”

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