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Every year in June, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation recognizes our nation's Ocean Heroes at its annual Leadership Awards Dinner. At the dinner, the NMSF presents its Leadership Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and the NMSF Volunteer of the Year Award. uests of this black-tie optional, annual dinner include Members and staff of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives; Administration officials; ocean luminaries, scientists, and academics in marine conservation; and representatives from conservation organizations and ocean-related industries. Port ...

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Theresa Peterson has been an Alaska fisherman for three decades. During summer break one year in college she went to Homer, Alaska, to work in a cannery. She lived in a tent with friends. But after four days of being cooped up in the factory she decided she wanted to get a job on a fishing boat. Peterson told Ocean Views that she spent a week “hanging around the docks,” before she finally talked her way onto a shrimp trawler. “They said they’d take me out, but not pay me, if I would cook and help ice down the shrimp,” said Peterson. She was also asked to ...

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Fishermen are talking together more, working through issues, and coming up with resolutions. We’re becoming more formal with bylaws and insurance policies. We’d also like to engage more in marketing. But we want to keep our focus at the community level.

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Partnerships for Fisheries Innovation, Growth, and Change A team from AMCC along with other Alaskan fishing friends embarked on an amazing voyage to Maine and Boston in early March. I accompanied the “Kodiak contingent” which included Dave Kubiak, AMCC’s board chair, Theresa Peterson, AMCC’s Kodiak Outreach Coordinator, and Darius Kasprzak, President of the Alaska Jig Association. All three of the Kodiak group are active fishers, which gave our group lots of “fish cred” to carry with us as we headed east. Linda Behnken, President of the Alaskan Longline ...

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While much of the Network's members' joint work takes place via conference calls and e-mail, the group convenes annually to share insights and learn from each other. This year, the third annual meeting of the Network was held in Portland, Maine, March 7-10. The annual meeting provided an opportunity to hear from other fishermen, learn new skills, and advance the Community Fisheries Network as an organization. Participants in the meeting included current Network members as well as prospective new members and invited guests. Several members of the Maine lobster industry ...

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Seafood lists, such as the popular one from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, have been the subject of quite a bit of criticism lately. This spring, the lists came under fire by fishermen after Whole Foods pledged to stop selling “red-listed” fish. Then Ray Hilborn, professor of aquatic and fishery sciences at the University of Washington, and co-author of Overfishing: What Everyone Needs to Know, went on record implying the lists were too narrow, saying: “You can have fish that are overfished for decades but still be sustainable.” As I see ...

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Morro Bay has received national recognition for its efforts to preserve its historic fishing industry. The city is one of four coastal governments to receive the 2012 Walter B. Jones Memorial Award for Excellence in Coastal and Ocean Management. The awards are given every two years by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to honor noteworthy contributions to protecting and improving coasts and coastal communities. Read more here

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Last week the first national summit on Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) event that brought together 60 people from around the United States and Canada who are involved with a CSF in their community. Current members of the Community Fisheries Network (CFN) to attended the conference included the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association, the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association, and Port Clyde Fresh Catch. It started with a great meal of fish caught by people who were attending the conference and continued with two more days of great conversation about CSFs and generally ...

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The fisheries of our country are diverse and each face unique challenges depending on gear, geography, history, ecosystem and industry needs. The herring fishery of New England is going to require a different set of regulations than the grouper fishery in the Gulf of Mexico and asking them to operate the same way makes no sense. Through the Magnuson–Stevens Act of 1976, a regionally-based fisheries council system was set up to address the mosaic of regulatory adjustments that each fishery needs, and allow for the governance of our fisheries through participation by ...

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This recently released video introduces the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association and highlights the work they are doing to restore the fisheries in the Gulf of Maine and keep fishermen fishing into the future. Through the MCFA and the related groundfish sector, the Maine Coast Community Sector, these fishermen are building an organization that will help them navigate the many challenges facing Maine's inshore groundfish fleet while balancing the needs of fishing communities. The video also shows how the fishermen of the MCFA meet the Community Fisheries Network triple ...

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