Alaska Jig Association


man with mustache stands in front of open water wearing hooded sweatshirt with printing that says "Alaska Fisherman Kodiak, Alaska"

Darius Kasprzak, President of the Alaska Jig Association. Photo by Scott Sell

Darius Kasprzak is an avid jig fisherman. Growing up, Kasprzak was home-schooled in a rural community on the southern end of Kodiak Island. He enjoyed a largely subsistence fishing and hunting lifestyle with his family. At fourteen, he began commercial fishing – he started crewing on local salmon gillnet beach sites and soon moved into the longline, pot, and trawl fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska.

In 1997, Kasprzak bought his first commercial vessel, the High Tide, which was barely larger than a skiff at the time. With his own boat and the newly implemented state Pacific cod jig fishery in Alaska, Kasprzak knew he wanted in on the action. He eventually purchased the 46-foot Marona and now jigs year-round throughout the Central and Western Gulf of Alaska for cod and rockfish. Jig fishing appeals to Kasprzak because the lightweight, hand-tended gear type is conducive to an independent mariner lifestyle, like his own. He finds it important to selectively and sustainably harvest prime cod and rockfish with exceptionally low bycatch and minimal impact to the marine habitats.

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