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We've raised four healthy kids on the fish we catch.
—Rob Seitz

a couple stand on the deck of a boat

Tiffani and Rob Seitz, president of the MBCQF

Rob Seitz started his fishing career aboard his grandfather's boat the Snug II. Along with his brother James, the three of them spent summers chasing halibut and salmon in and around the Cook Inlet in South Central Alaska. Although most of the time he felt like he was being worked to death by a cantankerous old guy, Seitz still managed to develop a love for the fish he harvested, the fishing lifestyle, and the pristine environment.

Following the oil spill of 1989, due in part to competition from farmed salmon in the marketplace, salmon stocks in the Cook Inlet and the price for wild salmon tanked in the early 1990s. Rob and his brother James moved south to fish new grounds in Oregon, where Rob landed a job on a dragger.

Shortly after arriving, Rob met Tiffani. He recalls, "Competition for a good lookin' girl in Astoria was pretty stiff back then, but I finally won her over with bootleg halibut fillets and spot prawn tails.”

In Astoria, Rob fished Dungeness crab, pink shrimp, and Albacore. "It was a year-round fishery, and I didn't have to leave town for months at a time, so I got to see my kids grow up," Rob says.

During the 2003 "buyback" (a federal measure designed to reduce the fleet for the West Coast groundfish fishery), the boat Rob was running was sold. He realized his family wouldn't have stability until he owned his own boat, but with the trawl fishery in decline, and Individual Fishing Quota management more and more likely, ownership remained elusive. Finally, in 2011 Rob heard about a trawler in Morro Bay that was owned by The Nature Conservancy. "The guy who was running it had passed away, and they were interested in getting it working again, so they made me a good deal on the boat if I agreed to fish it out of Morro Bay," says Rob.

Thanks to reliable access to affordable quota from the Morro Bay Community Quota Fund, and some innovative marketing opportunities, the Seitz family is able to make their boat payments and open the South Bay Wild fish house custom processing facility.

"Commercial fishing has not been an easy life. It's forced me to challenge myself every step of the way. Now with Seafood Watch and MSC's sustainable rating for my fishery, I’m feeling guardedly optimistic, and looking back, I don't think I'd change a thing."