West Coast fishermen named Champions of Change

find more info Congratulations to community-based fisheries representatives Linda Behnken and Alan Lovewell, who were recognized last week by the White House for their leadership and innovation in promoting sustainable fishing practices.

By Laura Ford
October 10, 2016 | Ecotrust blog

On Friday, October 7, the White House recognized twelve individuals from across the country as “White House Champions of Change for Sustainable Seafood,” including small-boat fisherman Linda Behnken of Sitka, Alaska and Real Good Fish founder Alan Lovewell of Moss Landing, California.

The United States fishing industry is critical to the economic health and well-being of communities across the country, supporting 1.8 million jobs and contributing over $200 billion to the economy in 2014. However, our marine ecosystems are under threat from multiple stressors, including climate change and ocean acidification. The need for innovation in sustainable fisheries has never been greater.

Local leaders serve as the backbone of our communities, working to build resilient coasts and striving to protect at-risk towns whose future depend on the recovery of our fisheries.

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